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Born in Taipei, Taiwan, a city that never sleeps due to constant parties and nightlife entertainment, FeLNLove (Felicia) emerged with the need to entertain. Currently based in San Francisco, she dominates with her sound and became one of the most prominent DJs in the Electronic Music scene. FeLNLove has been known to pump the crowd up with energy that blows through the roof. With her incredibly unique musical selection and mixing skills, she quickly began appearing in different cities throughout the US. All while touring other cities, she continued to perform at some of the best EDM nightclubs in San Francisco, including: Ruby Skye, Supperclub, Temple, and Vessel. To be able to portray energy by getting the crowds blood pumping, getting them up to dance, and to feel the music is all she needs to fill the heart with emotions and love. Hence the name, “FeLNLove”.
FeLNLove has been surrounded by music all her life starting with piano at the age of five. Growing up she picked up other skills such as singing, and have competed in competitions which head up to 10,000 people in the audience. Apart from her music career, she has been in front of constant flashing lights since 2004 when she modeled for acclaimed magazines, commercial ads, and fashion lines.
Since 2011, she expanded her territory worldwide, headlining various nightclubs and festivals including “Hennessy Artistry's Global Tour”, and "Spring Scream" with over 200,000 in attendance. Aside from consistently releasing quality mixes on her Soundcloud, in 2013 she began putting together her own mashups which reached great acclaim throughout the expansive EDM community. As she continues to push forward and broaden her talents in the Electronic Music scene, be on the lookout for her music and live sets on dance floors across the globe.

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