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Melodie Biography
There are only a very few artist who have the incredible ability to move and please a crowd and bring an emotional response. Dj Melodie, loved and adored by fans all over the world has been making an impact for the past 10 years. Since her debut, she has played in some of the biggest clubs in West Coast USA, including 1015 (San Francisco, California USA), Pure Lounge (Mountain View, California USA), Ruby Skye (San Francisco, California USA). Internationally, she’s performed at Paradise Club (Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM) and Skybar Air 360 (Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM). Rocking with the best - having played under the same roof with the likes of Paul Van Dyk, John Fleming, Dj Shogun, Protoculture, Orjan Nilsen, Kristina Sky, Aruna, Betsie Larkin, and many more.

To many, Dj Melodie is more than a deejay but an entertainer. Fans are amazed and moved by her refreshing and unique style of mixing, remix and track selections. She mixes quality tracks that both excite existing fans and bring new people to the ever-changing scene. She gives off a vibe that truly depicts her emotions and love to please the crowd. Her passion for music is clearly shown and she wants her fans to feel the same appreciation & love she has for it. Some of the best DJs in the world are known for their skills, ability to read crowd, track selection, and performance. It should be no surprise that Dj Melodie has all this and more. Not only she technically skilled and a master of track selection, she has the ability to maintain ultimate control of the audience and can make them feel the music. She connects with them and takes them on a journey into a beautiful and memorable experience.

Over the years, she has been producing, mixing, and has created a multitude of legendary mixes and remixes. Skilled and versatile, she mixes Deep House, House, Vinahouse, Tech House, and Trance. She is growing popularity with her deep house “Deep Love” mixes and she has created a lot of noise with her remix; Hold it Together & Disappear (Dj Melodie Remix). One of her catchy and most popular mix so far, “Infinity” which is ranking #46 on Mixcloud Trance & Progressive chart, #69 in the Vocal Trance chart and #92 in the House Music chart for October 2016. In 2017, she released her remix of Michael Jackson “Beat it” and Robert Miles feat Jes. - Lovesong Fable (Dj Melodie Remix).

Her unique style of mixing pumping vocal-house, with uplifting, progressive and tech-house and deep house tracks brought her popularity across the world. Dj Melodie has always been known for getting close to her fans, as reflected by the numbers on her social media sites – in excess of eighty five thousand followers worldwide! Her fans show their appreciation of this open exchange with their favourite artist by voting her into #27 for the Top & Best 100 Female in the world on TheFDJlist. In the upcoming year, be on the lookout for exciting new remixes; mix compilation and appearances from this DJ!

“Nothing let’s me express myself better than music. Through my work and mixes, I express Love. That’s who I am. My goal is to bring love, joy and happiness into the hearts of everyone listening.” Says Dj Melodie


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