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pl PL, Krakow


BORN in Germany, Living in Poland, Spinnin WorldWide

whatsAPP: +48504361637
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Today's material would be good for a medium-sized book and a story showing a path to destination, development of passion, pursuit of dreams. It's also an evidence that you may achieve everything you want in live and acquire independence, travel the world, get to know lots of people and also have much fun!.

Everything started a bit more than 20 years ago in the neighbouring country of Germany where Mirjami was born. After few years she moved to Poland. Until now, she have performed in many places in Europe, Asia and even USA. That story may seem like a fairytale and it is a fairytale to some extent – because Mirjami is now fulfilling her dreams.

Having been born in Germany, the artist's lifepath brought her to Poland, where her whole musical advendure started. Having sung in choir and taken part in other artistic endeavours, she has been in contact with music since early childhood.

Coming of age is at the same time the introduction to the great world of music. Aged 18, Mirjami began her cooperation with a booking agency called BPM Promotion where she worked as artistic attendant and booking manager. Later came the work on musical projects, where she coordinated the work of producers – dj's, created the whole artwork of parties and started creating and implementing her own projects.

Being one of those unique projects, ''Kinky Girls'' is a source of inspiration for competing artistic agencies. That's the case because Mirjami is versatile - her work includes creating, designing and also blending musical and artistic spheres.

Since 2011, Mirjami created a project under the same name as her own and she became its representative. Nowadays the project translates into giving regular performances in many places in Poland and abroad. Mirjami incorporates different styles of music, such as dirty, dutch, electro and glitch house.

-Staying on the border that separates mainstream and underground is what sets you apart, that balance lets me be appreciated by fans of more ambitious music – says Mirjami about her musical path.

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