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  DJ Miss_Sarah_Trance
es ES, Spain


Miss Sarah Trance (her name of art) graduated in the School of Hotel and catering business " room, bar and kitchen ". She studies still Marketing in the University. She is also expert in graphical design, but nothing to see with the music …. but … but … in an interview she says:…

I am charmed with the music, without music there would no be life.
I began jestingly with selections compounds but with software professionals and saw that I liked it more and more, also I managed to publishing my songs in EDM.

In 2014 Pin Label Productions, did my first CD's named "Color of Music" with various music created by me in various styles.

Always In November 2014, I made a REMIX born to the opportunities that the "Universal Pictures" organized a competition in the world for DJs and Producers EDM, I thank them for this opportunity. My work was based on a trace of "Dracula Undstold" (a small part of the great musical work "Ramin Djawadi") I have added 23 more new tracks to compose my remix and the fruit of my work has been put herself in myself in the most gloomy and dark the movie (without knowing the storyline and without knowing the music) By giving development so all my musical imagination.

Meanwhile I went on with my musical creations, and this year, Pin Productions label has released a new CD called "Mamá" with my collection of flamenco with some mergers of Hip Hop

All my music editions are sold in the best stores online for example (Itune, Amazon, Routenote, Emusic etc. etc.) You can listen to my songs in Spotify free.

I continue with my fourth season as resdient Dj in a radio wave FM and web of Athens. Liquid Radio and the program is called "Color Of Trance"

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