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  DJ Taby
pt PT, Lisboa


Dj Taby

One of the Best International DJane !

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Taby was born in 1985 in Recife (Brazil), but moved to Funchal (Portugal) at an early age. As a teenager and just for fun, she began modeling and was featured in many magazines and institutions such as: PHOTO (French magazine), Berardo and Madeira Casino. She was photographed by some of the most renowned photographers - DDiarte, Eric Wayaffe, Bernardo Coelho, just to name a few ...
In 2006, she began DJing, played in various places in Funchal: Marginal, Vespas (where she had a monthly residency), Salinas, Avenue Club and give me Lume.
In 2008 he moved to Lisbon, to improve in his DJ career. Since then, she has performed at some of the most important places in Portugal: Paradise Garage, Sweet (BBC and W), Lollipop (Lisbon and Algarve), Ngaru (Costa da Caparica), Estado Líquido (monthly residency), Art Lx, MTV (BeatBlock, insomnia), Silk (Chiado), Villa Louize, Bclub (Vila Real), Via Rio (Prado), Factory (Fafe), LeClub_Albufeira (Playboy Party by MEO), Ouriço (Ericeira) Estado Novo (Porto), Pedra do Couto (Santo Tirso), Mercado (Bragança), Play Glam, Beach Live, LUV (Sesimbra and Troy), Rio`s (Lisbon), NoSolo Água (Portimão) ... Currently is resident DJ in Guilty, Main and Books (Lisbon). Outside the country, played in Jordan (G Club), Bed (Marrakech), Festival of Gamboa (Cape Verde), Kadok Club (Switzerland), Toca do Morcego (Brazil), Pink Elephant (Brazil), among other spaces.
DJ Kwan (World Complex), DJ Glue (Da Weasel), DJ Maskarilha (Nigga Poison), Kamala, DJ Garcia, DJ Pedro Cazanova, DJ Leote, Dino (Expensive Soul & Nu Soul Family), Blaya (Buraka Som Sistema) , virgül MC (Da Weasel), DJ Demo (Expensive Soul), DJ Ozzy, MDusa DJ Cosmo Klein (Live act), Dj Sexation ... are just some of the musicians and DJ she has played.
In July 2009, Taby did the "Concept" 7 page spread for Portuguese Playboy Magazine, called "Play It Again," which was the theme set for the photoshoot.
In May 2011, he joined the Top Agency in Brazil and becomes part of the "So Fistique" with a scheduled tour in Brazil in the summer of 2013. In July 2011, he joined the Artists Agency View in Portugal, emerging world as a promise to take on dance floors all over the world!

In 2015, I signed with Notorious Agnecy , an international booking agency based in Portugal.

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